The Importance of Strong Relationships

I hope you all enjoyed a happy Easter. I had a fantastic day enjoying the spring weather and appreciating the reason for the day with my family. Getting away from school and work obligations to focus on more important things, as well as having time to spend with my family is what inspired my post today,... Continue Reading →


Peace in Faith and Community

As I, and other college seniors, approach finals and graduation, two thoughts are constantly lingering in the back of our minds: the question of: "holy crap, what am I doing with my life?!" and, of course, regrets. As I've been writing this blog, I've had a persistent thought that has been rather disappointing to think... Continue Reading →

Proper Prior Planning

This weekend I was visiting friends in Terre Haute, which is approximately 2 hours away from Purdue's campus. On the drive there, I decided to take the long way so that I could drive through the towns and really take in the sites.  I felt as if I was on a planned vacation as I... Continue Reading →

Write Now

More and more I realize that I chose writing as a major for a reason. I used to think it was because I'm not terrible at writing. Turns out, the reason I write well is because I enjoy it. Throughout college, I have had to write so much about things in which I had so... Continue Reading →


Some people can't imagine going to work or class without first "putting on their face." Others only wear it on special occasions, and some refuse to wear it at all. However, for many women, putting on makeup is part of the daily routine. I am the same way. Ever since I was in high school,... Continue Reading →

Wanderlust at Home

When I think relaxation, I think vacation. However, taking a vacation whenever one feels tired or stressed is neither realistic nor economical. The word, "wanderlust" is very popular right now, as the millennial generation has shown itself to be quite nomadic. "Wanderlust" tattoos are everywhere, and almost all personal bios include the phrase, "love to... Continue Reading →

Passion Births Happiness

There once was a man with a lovely family who had a job that made him rich. He worked late every weekday and on many Saturdays, obsessed with keeping his family wealthy. He waited with bated breath for the day when he could enjoy the luxuries he'd worked so hard for, while his family just... Continue Reading →

Cooking Therapy

Long time no see! I had a lovely Spring Break and I hope all of you did as well, or that you at least took the week to try to apply some zen to your life. Today I want to focus on cooking. Now, a lot of people I know would read this post and... Continue Reading →

Time for a Mini Break

I have an announcement to make. Spring Break begins tomorrow and I will not be posting anything this next week. While I enjoy writing this blog because its whole focus is finding zen and peace, I still need to take advantage of this break to step away from my school work and everyday tasks. I... Continue Reading →

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