My name is Katie Peterson. I’m a senior at Purdue University and I’m majoring in Professional Writing with minors in Communication and Political Science. I created this blog as a class project for my Com407 class-Introduction to New Media. I wanted to write something about which I’m passionate. To be honest, I have a lot of interests but my greatest interest, currently, is finding a way to end my college career on a positive, stress-free note (okay, stress-free is a bit of a leap but why not aim high?). Every day I hear of people who have that one place of peace or zen. It’s usually at the gym, yoga class, in the kitchen cooking, or doing a quirky hobby. So I decided it would be interesting to delve into the world of stress and anxiety to investigate different ways in which people attempt to find a place of peace in their crazy, hectic life, and to chronicle it. Hopefully this project is not only helpful to myself but also to others seeking some peace in the busy world of college and in life in general.