Peace Out

Today is the day before the highly dreaded finals week at Purdue University. Finals week is going to be very different for me, since it is the first finals week where I’m actually sad about finishing my exams.

“Sad about being done with exams?” you ask. “Whaaaaa?!” But it’s true.

This week is my final week as an undergraduate student at Purdue University, and as thrilling as it is to be free of 8:30 AM classes, as Rory Gilmore would say, the cavernous abyss that is my future terrifies me.

I have no set plans and that is a first for me. There’s always been a plan, a second step.

I’m currently thinking about the idea of saying goodbye to friends I’ve grown to love and consider family. We’ll stay connected in some way, but it won’t be the same.

I’m thinking about what it will be like to no longer have a reason to walk through campus and feel the mist from our landmark Engineering Fountain or smell the green grass on Memorial Mall.

I’m thinking about how I will no longer seek out my favorite study spots, which have become a comforting hide-away that I will miss dearly. (Third floor of HSSE Library, in the periodicals section. FYI.) 

Thinking these thoughts, with the reverberating cliche saying that your college years are the best in your life, running through my mind, I can’t help but feel worried and intimidated. Surely a life without exams, aggravating homework, and core-requirement classes-which only successfully teach you how to pull all-nighters in HICKS (*cough* calculus *cough* statistics *cough* anything left-brain related)-has got to be better. So, being me, I did some research.

Apparently, the old adage that college years are the best years, isn’t necessarily true for all people.

Pauline Millard wrote a blog post with some very encouraging advice about how post-college years are actually the best years. Check it out here.

As graduations approach and final exams are taken, I want to tell every college graduate that as awesome as your undergraduate heyday was, real life is infinitely better. On the surface that doesn’t seem plausible, but as someone who’s been hacking it in the real world for nine years, I can assure you that it is.

Another post I found at Forever 20 Somethings, explained that life gets better after 22 (sorry T-Swizzle) for a myriad of reasons. You have the opportunity to meet new friends, rediscover what you’re passionate about, travel, adjust to adulthood, and meet potential significant others who are more genuine and mature. This article also explains that it is alright not to have a perfect career lined up for the week after graduation. This is good for me to hear, since I feel that absolutely everyone I know is either interviewing for a job or already has one waiting for them.

I have an internship that I’m completing, so the job search has been suspended and I wouldn’t have it any other way. I finally have an opportunity to actually focus on myself.

I can’t imagine finding a job and a specific path in life with my mind being as exhausted and overwhelmed from classes as it is. A break was sorely needed and I have the incredible luxury of taking one.

While yes, I’m scared of what the future holds, I’m also really excited because, while my college years were incredible, and I have thousands of memories to cherish, I know that my best years are still ahead of me.

This summer I will continue to seek my place of zen and try to discover how to bring more peace into my life. I want you all to know that, while I would like to continue blogging and sharing my search for zen with the blogosphere, with graduation only a couple of weeks away, and travel plans in place, my posts may become a bit less frequent. However, I’m excited for this summer of change and I hope to share some of it with you, so stay tuned!

Peace Out.




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