Wanderlust at Home?

When I think relaxation, I think vacation. However, taking a vacation whenever one feels tired or stressed is neither realistic nor economical.

The word, “wanderlust” is very popular right now, as the millennial generation has shown itself to be quite nomadic. “Wanderlust” tattoos are everywhere, and almost all personal bios include the phrase, “love to travel,” “can’t stay in one place,” “#restless,” etc. But for those of us who do love to #travel but have no #money, our wanderlust perspectives may need to be altered a tad.

Is this obsession with travel harmful?

I read a fantastic article on “The Lala,” a website founded by two Boilermakers–Boiler Up!–that had some helpful insights. Writer Sophie Longest explained that today, we tend to be so focused on being elsewhere that we can’t appreciate where we are. Wanderlust, she says, is actually hurting us.

Lust. An uncontrollable desire to be anywhere but here. Our generation is so obsessed with getting out, we don’t know how to be happy where we are. – Longest

Yes, wanting to experience other cultures is important. Traveling, of course, isn’t a bad thing–unless you’re skipping town after a bank job. However, the millennial generation’s growing obsession with “seeing everything” is making us restless and unable to really see what we have.

The solution

What phenomenal, hidden treasures have we still not discovered in our own hometown? Believe you me, when I am overwhelmed and I have work, school, and stress out the wazoo, there is absolutely nothing that sounds more appealing than disappearing for a few days.

But why can’t I simply go explore where I live currently? Why not go out and find a cute shop or cafe that you’ve never visited? Why not take a few pictures or videos of a local architectural discovery like a fountain or a bridge? Granted, downtown Lafayette isn’t Paris or Chicago, but there is a myriad of things to do and see right here in Indiana and wherever else you might be based.

Instead of bemoaning the fact that you aren’t able to escape on vacation somewhere, embrace the fact that you can find incredible things closer to home. You don’t have to be “x” amount of miles away to experience wanderlust. Go explore, go wander. Go find something new about the area in which you live.

Yesterday I did just that. I grabbed my phone and I simply drove around Battle Ground, where I grew up. I decided to document the exploration, looking at memorials from the Battle of Tippecanoe, which occurred there: a sweet, but slightly haunting little church; and gravestones belonging to individuals from the 19th century. Check out the video below and consider taking one yourself. It’s a lot of fun and a nice way to document your discoveries.



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