Beer Yoga? Yes Please.

In our lives, there are many things we grow to love, even though they may not be good for us. When we know one thing to be true, but we contradict that knowledge by our actions, that is called dissonance. It is a conflict between our beliefs and our actions.Dissonance is something I know much about, through first hand experience, as do most people.

A lot of the inner-conflict we face, which upsets our search for peace and zen, is a result of dissonance. This dissonance is generally a result of a bad habit or something negative we do, despite the fact that we know it is not good for us. How do we fix this problem? Well, I have the answer. Beer yoga, that’s how. Beer yoga is…wait for it…a combination of drinking beer and doing yoga. I promise I’m not making this up.

Will this fix all the dissonance in our life? Maybe not. However, if you really like drinking beer, and all you get out of it is a growing beer-gut, then this may be the perfect solution for you. As you  likely know, beer is not exactly healthy, and it can be fattening. However, most people who like beer drink it anyway. I propose that the best way to handle situations like that is to find a way to make the bad habit into a positive, at least until you can kick it.

Beer yoga is seriously “a thing,” and it’s here. By “here” I mean not only physically in in Indiana, but in many areas of the country. If you are over 21, you like beer, and you enjoy yoga or want to try it, I’d say this is your moment to shine.

There was a beer yoga class hosted by People’s Brewing Company in Lafayette only a few months ago. This really surprised me because Lafayette, Indiana is not exactly at the forefront of new and exciting practices, such as beer yoga. I think that speaks to how popular beer yoga has become already.

Besides People’s Brewing Company, there haven’t been many advertisements for Beer Yoga in the Lafayette/West Lafayette area. However, breweries tend to have pop-up classes that last for a few weeks, so keep an eye on the events calendar for your local breweries. If you want to find a class now, you may have to travel outside of Tippecanoe County to Indianapolis, where a few breweries are hosting beer yoga classes, like Triton Brewing Company.

If you are impatient and would like to begin beer yoga at this very moment, teach yourself a few of the beer yoga poses. Check out these beer yoga poses, and see which ones you can try, but be careful, both with your work-out and your alcohol consumption.

Overall, I’m excited and highly intrigued by this practice. I feel that beer yoga may be a fantastic way to introduce yoga to a broader range of people. To me, beer yoga says, that you don’t have to be someone who works-out consistently and always watches what they eat, to enjoy the benefits of yoga. Yoga can be enjoyed by everyone, even people like me, who are struggling to keep up with healthier habits.

Not only is beer yoga increasing the amount of people who practice yoga, but it is also, bringing a broader group of individuals to breweries, which tend to host these yoga classes. According to this article on beer yoga, most of the individuals who take the yoga classes are women, and women tend to be those who visit breweries the least.

Basically, beer yoga is a wonderful, wonderful thing that seems to be a win-win for everyone involved.

Progress Report: It does not look like I will have a full 40 bags full of things to get rid of by the end of 40 days, but I’ve weeded through my closet and I’m happy to say that I’m making a dent. I may have to reward myself by going shopping…Just kidding! Kind of…


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