Yoga-Day 1

As the weather is warming up, to an alarming rate for late February in northwest Indiana, I thought it would be fun to begin our exploration of yoga by doing a few poses outside. Doing yoga, as I’m beginning to realize, is not only relaxing, but also invigorating. Combining that with getting some much needed vitamin D outside, in the middle of winter, there was no downside to today’s experiment.

Ladies and gents, if you have an opportunity to enjoy the beautiful weather like I did, please do so, even if only for a walk. A vitamin D deficiency is no joke, it not only affects our mood, but also our health, so go get some sun while you can!

Anyway, back to the point of this post: I went outside with my sister to enjoy the weather and to attempt a little yoga. After looking up a few stress-relieving yoga poses from handy dandy google and Pinterest, we dove in. In order to stay on task, we brought my laptop outside so that we could reference the yoga poses we were trying to do.

Below is a slideshow that encapsulates a small portion of our yoga workout.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Overall, I found this to be a really great experience. The entire “yoga session” was not only fun, but having control kept it relaxed and catered to us. However, transitioning to different poses and finding ones that suited our capability is difficult without any formal instruction, even with google and YouTube on our side. Therefore, I think going to a few classes, at least to start, would be extremely beneficial.

It’s also important to remember to be careful, especially as a beginner, not to hurt yourself when doing a tricky pose. This is easy to do when you don’t know what you are doing. While I think it was an amazing experience to get outside on a February day and to try yoga, safety comes first so be careful and know your limits.

Yoga is beneficial in multitude of ways. It gets blood flowing, it builds muscle, and, most relevant to us, it is relaxing. Breathing properly through the poses is key for the relaxation to make an impact. The breath is a powerful tool concerning stress-reduction and health. Focusing on our breath also helps us to be mindful and to clear our minds of toxic thoughts and anxieties.

Finding a relaxing and healthy yoga routine could definitely be a quick and (moderately) easy way to find your place of zen and relaxation. I think, personally, this was a great start and I’m looking forward to getting more professional instruction-which, I will go into more detail about next week.

A huge takeaway that I would like to focus on is the importance of finding poses that are beneficial to you. I really liked Child’s Pose and the chest expansion pose. They both enabled me to really get out of my own mind and focus on the health benefits of breathing deeply and consistently.

My sister also enjoyed the experience, saying, “I like yoga because it not only helps me to relax, but I also find it to be empowering.”

I challenge you to find one yoga pose, either to use in the morning or evening, that can help you become more energized or ready for sleep. Get into the habit of doing that pose-or other-yoga poses every day, and then try to add more onto your routine once you become more confident in your ability to keep up with it.




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