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For the last couple of posts, I’ve discussed the importance of hobbies and how they can help combat the stress and anxiety we endure every day. While I am especially partial to reading, as I said before, there are a lot of different hobbies that may speak more to you.

Today, I just wanted to share with you a Pinterest board I created, where I’m collecting pins focused on hobbies that might appeal to some people who are hoping to find a distraction that brings them closer to “zenful” living.

So far, I’ve pinned information concerning yoga, cooking healthy recipes, going to the gym, meditation, and more. The pins focus on a beginner’s perspective, so they go along well with this blog and the goal of easing ourselves into a more productive, healthy, and peaceful life.

If you’re hoping to find a pastime that you can fit into your busy schedule, I would definitely encourage you to check out this board. There are also a myriad of ideas on Pinterest, so if there isn’t anything on my board that interests you, look for some that do, and let me know what you find. I’d be very interested in hearing about your ideas and perhaps they’ll inspire a post.

After this post, I’m planning on looking at individual ideas more specifically. For example, in the next couple of days I’m going to share with you some of what I’m learning about yoga, which, and I know its early in this blog project, may be my favorite experience so far.

So, check out my Pinterest Board and let me know if you come up with any ideas to add to it.

“To be happy in life, develop at least four hobbies: one to bring you money, one to keep you healthy, one to bring you joy, and one to bring you peace.”
― Stan Jacobs

Progress Report:

In my previous post, I mentioned that we should challenge ourselves to read at least one page from a book that we are reading purely for fun and relaxation (AKA, not a textbook). On my end, this challenge is going very well. Every time I read that one page, it ends up being many more. It’s all about making that initial effort. I keep telling myself, “put off Netflix, just read one page. It’s a good book, anyway” and it works. I read instead of putting on another episode of Ally McBeal (that’s my new binge-watching show) and i enjoy it even more. I’m reading an interesting story, The Girl on the Train,  and improving my mind, rather than letting it stagnate in front of the TV.

I hope this one-page-a-day idea is helpful for you as well. Let me know!


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  1. Oh my gosh! I just got that book for my birthday and have been wanting to read it for awhile now! The anticipation is killing me but, I am currently reading other books at the moment so I am teaching myself some discipline. hahaha. I’ll have to see how far that will actually go. I got to see the movie with my mom and we loved it and it killed me that I saw it before I read the book but I couldn’t wait to watch the movie anymore I was dying.

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    1. I completely understand your pain! I have a stack of books on my bookshelf that I’m dying to read, but I have to restrain myself or I’ll just get through one third of all of them! The movie looked so good, so I’m really excited that I have the opportunity to read the book before seeing the movie. Sometimes that’s actually not a bad thing though. I’ve noticed I tend to be less disappointing with a film adaption when I read the book after seeing it. 🙂

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