A Place of Zen

As we begin this journey of self-discovery and peaceful living-gag (sorry, maybe when I find my place of zen, I’ll be less cynical?)-we need to understand exactly what we are trying to achieve. What is this mystical “zen” I’m referencing, and is it what we actually want to achieve? Well, I read a very insightful article concerning “zen,” it’s origin, and what it means.

According to Mind Body Vortex,“zen” originated as a branch of Buddhism that focused on the inner self and meditation. The practice carries a much deeper significance than we sometimes attribute to it. In modern culture we often say things like, “dude, I’m feeling so zen!” Well, we would if we were surfers on the west coast, and how rad would that be? But you get my point. We throw around this term as the equivalent of feeling calmer and less stressed. But according to its exact definition, it’s an ancient practice of finding peace with yourself and being able to center yourself. While this blog isn’t intended to focus on finding “zen” exactly as the Buddhist practice dictates, (because I, personally, do not have that sort of discipline at this point in my life) I would like that to be the overall goal, at some point in your life, as well as mine, to fine a place of peace from which we can garner and produce energy that keeps us motivated. In a perfect world, we can chase our dreams without being burdened by the constant stress of anxiety and worry. As a college senior, that sounds like heaven, to be able to look forward to a future career without being burdened by a fear of adding to our already anxious life. Hopefully, through this blog, we can at least begin to gain our footing in finding our place of zen.

“In a state of Zen, we are reunited with our deepest desires once again, only without the fears that come along with going after them.” – Mind Body Vortex



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