Distance Makes the Heart Grow What?

Happy Labor Day! It's a beautiful day in the neighborhood. Well, in mine...maybe not yours. Anyway, I hope it's a beautiful day for you and that you are taking some time for yourself. This weekend, family came to visit and it was great. It also surprisingly taught me some lessons. Lately, an issue I've come... Continue Reading →


Staying True to Your Path

Hello, blogosphere! I've been told starting a blog post with a greeting like, "hello" is not professional; but since I've taken a break from this blog over the summer and I've missed it so much, I can't help using a greeting. Hello, hello, hello! Well, the fall semester has begun and it is very strange...because... Continue Reading →

Fountain Runs and Senior Week

Yesterday I had the best day I've had in a while, and you know why? I freaking let myself feel like a kid again. That's the best part of being out of school, having a chance to have fun. However, as I've mentioned before, my go-to way to celebrate a break is to sit back,... Continue Reading →

Peace Out

Today is the day before the highly dreaded finals week at Purdue University. Finals week is going to be very different for me, since it is the first finals week where I'm actually sad about finishing my exams. "Sad about being done with exams?" you ask. "Whaaaaa?!" But it's true. This week is my final... Continue Reading →

Summer Zen

Making the effort to break away from everyday life and focus on yourself is the best way to attempt finding a place of zen. When is the best time to make that effort, though? Summer! Whether in school or not, summertime is often described as a time for relaxation, vacations, and trying new things. Therefore,... Continue Reading →

Purdue Grand Prix 2017

This last weekend was the much anticipated Purdue Grand Prix Race 60! This was such a fun day where alumni and current students came together to enjoy a favorite Purdue tradition. I had a great time capturing this event while watching the qualifiers, alumni races, and the official race with my friends. I was truly... Continue Reading →

Growing Zen

When I was younger, the best part of summer was being outside in the fresh air. As I've grown older and acquired more responsibility, I've begun to equate summer with time off and time off with getting as much rest as possible. And rest, to me, was sleeping and watching television, because I didn't have... Continue Reading →

The Zone

Upon reflection of my time playing volleyball in high school, I realize there are two ways by which I remember the experience. One side was excitement, fun, camaraderie, and other pleasant things. The other side was exhaustion, frustration, and anxiety. In a game, my mindset was either completely controlled by my focus on the game,... Continue Reading →

The Importance of Strong Relationships

I hope you all enjoyed a happy Easter. I had a fantastic day enjoying the spring weather and appreciating the reason for the day with my family. Getting away from school and work obligations to focus on more important things, as well as having time to spend with my family is what inspired my post today,... Continue Reading →

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