Growing Zen

When I was younger, the best part of summer was being outside in the fresh air. As I’ve grown older and acquired more responsibility, I’ve begun to equate summer with time off and time off with getting as much rest as possible. And rest, to me, was sleeping and watching television, because I didn’t have … More Growing Zen

The Zone

Upon reflection of my time playing volleyball in high school, I realize there are two ways by which I remember the experience. One side was excitement, fun, camaraderie, and other pleasant things. The other side was exhaustion, frustration, and anxiety. In a game, my mindset was either completely controlled by my focus on the game, … More The Zone

Write Now

More and more I realize that I chose writing as a major for a reason. I used to think it was because I’m not terrible at writing. Turns out, the reason I write well is because I enjoy it. Throughout college, I have had to write so much about things in which I had so … More Write Now


Some people can’t imagine going to work or class without first “putting on their face.” Others only wear it on special occasions, and some refuse to wear it at all. However, for many women, putting on makeup is part of the daily routine. I am the same way. Ever since I was in high school, … More #NoMakeupMonday